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$210 billion
Restoration Industry

170 Million
Commercial Losses

40 Million
Residential Losses

average cost of water loss job

Be a Leader

Grab life by the horns and be your own boss. Our restoration franchise allows hard-working entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their drive and passion for success into a powerful leadership position. Backed by our world-class training and expert guidance, Continuum Restoration franchisees will experience the same authority, flexibility and profitability as offered by independent business ownership without incurring all of the typical risks that challenge startup businesses.

Be a Helper

When trouble comes knocking, be the person who answers. Because of the nature of our business, we are often with our clients on their worst days to help them battle with personal loss
and destruction of property. As a result, restoration professionals often serve as advisors, counselors and friends to those in need. Nothing can prevent the unexpected, but as a Continuum Restoration franchisee you’ll be able to confidently and respectfully help pick up the pieces and rebuild the lives of those affected by disaster. To us, there is no better source of pride.

Be Successful

With hard work comes great reward—and with great work comes high demand. When you consider that over 14,000 people experience a water damage emergency every day, it’s no wonder why restoration services are a valuable practice. As the average age of U.S. real estate continues to grow, with homes averaging 40 years old and commercial buildings averaging 50, emergency restoration services are experiencing a growing demand even during periods of market instability. Continuum Restoration franchisees can expect to enter into an industry characterized by high demand, low competition and increasing profitability.

Am I Right For Continuum Restoration Franchise Ownership?

The Continuum Restoration franchise is defined by a commitment to integrity, responsibility and top-quality service. As such, we look for results-driven leaders that not only appreciate our commitment, but also exhibit these same qualities in their day-to-day lives. To ensure their talents are best utilized, all Continuum Restoration franchisees will have access to industry-leading training and ongoing assistance as part of their onboarding process.

The Qualities Of A Good Franchisee


Strong Leader

First and foremost, a Continuum Restoration franchisee must be a strong leader. This means
possessing influence, good decision-making skills and qualities that lend themselves to effective
team management.


Good Communicator

As representatives of the Continuum Restoration brand, we expect franchisees to communicate
effectively with both us and our customers. A good communicator will be organized, careful and
confident in their approach.



We are with our neighbors on their worst days. Often, this means that clients will be in agitated
states of frustration or distress. It is our duty to ensure that we alleviate stress through an
empathetic approach to service.


A Willingness to Learn

Because our industry is so unique, restoration franchise ownership presents a wonderful
growing opportunity for even experienced entrepreneurs. Franchisees must be open to
receiving training, constructive feedback and our guidance when necessary.


Financial Aptitude

Like any business, operating a successful restoration franchise requires financial know-how. We
expect franchisees to possess essential accounting skills, which is why we typically prefer
experienced business owners.



While high profitability is the norm for restoration franchise ownership, it’s not going to happen
overnight. Starting a new business requires sweat equity and realistic expectations, which is
why we require franchisees to prove financial stability.

Initial Investment: $150k-200k

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