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If you find that your work or home is afflicted by damage as the result of leaking pipes, flooding, toxic mold, or even fire, Continuum Restoration is just a phone call away. Backed by an unwavering commitment to customer care, we are here to help you reclaim your space through effective, compassionate, and comprehensive restoration and remediation services. Take a look at Continuum Restoration locations below. 

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405 Machine Loop
Scott, LA 70583
Phone: (337) 427-3888
24/7 Availability


who we serve homeowners


It’s your family’s greatest investment. Continuum Restoration is here to help.

who we serve schools

Schools & Churches

We understand the importance of getting community spaces operational as soon as possible.

who we serve government


Continuum Restoration is well-versed in public property policy for bringing property back into operation.

who we serve businesses


When the work must go on, Continuum Restoration is on the job.

Specialized Service Areas

While Continuum Restoration primarily serves the Acadiana region, our team is fully equipped to service all of Louisiana with emergency contingency services. In the event of damage caused by hurricanes or inclement weather, please feel free to contact us so that we can assess your needs and provide immediate help.

In the event that you may require non-emergency services in one of our specialized service areas, we still recommend contacting us so that we can provide assistance through expert guidance and recommendation. No one should ever feel like they have nowhere to turn, so we’ll work with you no matter the circumstance.

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