We entered into a partnership with Metrolina over a year ago, and after careful consideration, we have now decided to rebrand as one for the convenience of our clients nationwide. We are proud to have Tim Moreau and Dustin Berastain, the original leadership team of Metrolina, continue to manage sales and operations across the country. Henceforth, Metrolina will now be known as Continuum, NC. We are confident that it will continue to provide exceptional service to the Carolinas and our clients throughout the rest of the country.
fire damage from continuum restoration


From kitchen accidents to large-scale disasters, fire damage often requires the specialized treatment and reconstruction services Continuum Restoration excels in.

sofa sitting in water - continuum restoration


Water damage, whether from flooding or leaking pipes, requires prompt treatment by qualified remediation professionals like the team at Continuum Restoration.

mold growing on wall - continuum restoration


When dangerous mold and airborne pollutants are discovered in your home or business, trust the experts at Continuum Restoration to handle cleanup and keep your family safe.

Roofing damage - continuum restoration


Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home or business, so when it’s compromised, the rest of your property is susceptible to even more serious damage.

Roofing Blurb

Your best answer to a worst-case scenario.

Continuum Restoration mitigates, restores and rebuilds.


It’s your family’s greatest investment. Continuum Restoration is here to help.

Schools & Churches

We understand the importance of getting community spaces operational as soon as possible.


Continuum Restoration is well-versed in public property policy for bringing property back into operation.


When the work must go on, Continuum Restoration is on the job.

Mitigation & Remediation

Weather Damage (storm, wind, hail)
Water Damage (flooding or leaks)
Mold Remediation
Smoke Damage


Roof Damage
General Construction Services
Emergency Repairs


Carpet Damage Cleaning
Tarping and Board-Up Services
Tile and Grout Damage Cleaning
HVAC Duct Cleaning

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