Homeowners’ Hurricane Checklist

Jun 1, 2022Hurricane, Insurance, Preventing Water Damage

Is your home hurricane-ready? Whether you’re a long-time resident of Louisiana or are new to the area, it’s important to be prepared. After a historically active hurricane season in 2021, experts are projecting this year’s hurricane season to be “above average.” Now is the time to make sure that you have everything you need before there is word of a storm. Use the checklist below to keep your family and property safe this hurricane season.

Stay Connected 

Make a list of important contact information and put it in a safe place like a plastic bag in a waterproof bin. Ensure you’re able to use these numbers too by keeping a fully charged portable phone charger ready in the event of power loss.

Check Your Policy

Review your insurance policy and make sure you are fully covered. It is important to check that your policy includes flood and wind damage if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Many homeowners’ policies do not cover water damage, so be sure that your coverage extends beyond what’s included with traditional homeowners’ protection plans. The worst time to find out you are underinsured is when you’re filing a claim. 

Secure Your Belongings

High winds and rain can turn outdoor items into dangerous projectiles. Ensure the safety of your property as well as your neighbors by securing any outdoor furniture or decorations that could be blown away in high winds such as wind chimes, decor, lawn furniture, and children’s toys.

Do a Perimeter Check

In high winds, weak tree limbs can significantly damage a home or vehicle. Take a good look at the trees surrounding your property. Trim any branches on trees near your home that could fall and damage your roof or windows. If a tree appears to be sick or damaged, consult a licensed arborist to inspect it to ensure there is no risk of the tree falling on your home in a storm.

Fuel Up

Leading up to a storm, gas stations are often overwhelmed with customers looking to evacuate or preparing to run generators after the storm. Skip the line by keeping a few canisters full throughout hurricane season. 

Get Your Gear Together

Put together an emergency kit containing non-perishable foods, water, flashlights, pet food, first-aid supplies, and other necessary items. Check these items annually before hurricane season to ensure they are still viable.

Save this Number

Our local team is on-call 24/7 for quick response to storm damage from wind, water, fire, mold, and more. We can’t control the weather, but we can undo the damage it causes.
Keep our number close in case of an emergency, 866-430-3813.