The importance of A/C maintenance

Sep 23, 2022Mold

As we reach the peak of summer heat, it is vital to know the proper requirements to maintaining your air conditioning system in the prevention of leaks and water damage. Did you know that one of the major causes of water damage to homes starts with the a/c unit?

With the excessive heat here in the Lafayette, Louisiana it is obvious to see how it can make your a/c kick into high gear. Running constantly, working overtime to cool your home. However, with the extra work comes extra attention to its servicing.

As your a/c works to cool your house…it does so by removing humidity in the air. Being here in Louisiana, humidity is something we know very well. Unfortunately, the constant struggle of removing humidity can cause the drain line to become clogged just like any other pipe in your house can.

This causes water to become backed up inside of your air conditioning unit. If the drain does not get cleaned out quickly enough the water that collects over time will spill out of the drip pan and into your home.

So, what can you do to help prevent this?

Regularly scheduled maintenance with a professional is always a good idea to stay on top of the care and longevity of your a/c unit.

Change and clean your filters on a regular basis.

Ensure the unit outside is clear of any foliage, or tall grass and debris.

Try to avoid opening and closing your doors and windows to prevent humid air from getting inside.

Utilize your ceiling fans as much as possible to assist your a/c in cooling your home.

Let your unit rest when you aren’t home, which in turn will help to prevent excess water buildup.

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If your air conditioning unit backs up and floods into your home though, rest assure that here at Continuum Restoration we will take care of all your water remediation needs. Just give us a call and we will be there.